Scented Spritz & "Critter" Spritz :

Scented Spritz

Each 4 oz. bottle comes with a sprayer and a plastic cap.
Safe for use on your linens, rooms,yourself, or your pets and pet beddingEven those smelly tennis shoes and cars.
Do not spray near flames or wooden furniture. 

Available in Lavender, Mint, Orange, Patchouli, Rose, Sage, & Headache Tamer. 

Awesome summertime use, refrigerate and spray after/during the hot summer days or nights. 

Don't forget our critter spritz " Fleas be Gone"  Use on your pet and pet bedding.  Smells just like a lemondrop. Try "Shoo Fly".  Great for flies and gnats!  Our "No More Bite" keeps the skeeters at bay.




 Spritz $10.00


 "Critter Spritz" 

             "Shoo Fly"  is an all natural fly repellent.  Safe to use around food.

        "Fleas Be Gone"  is an all natural flea repellent for your pets and their bedding.

  • "No More Bites"  is a natural mosquito repellent made with lemon eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils.  
  • Spray on your clothes or yourself. Do not spray on the face.  
  • Comes in a 4 oz plastic bottle with spray top and plastic cap.  
  • Perfect size for the purse or backpack.


Critter Spritz $10.00