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  Spritzes for cranky babies, "No More Cranky Baby"
TIred babies, "Nie Nie Baby"
Calming the wild child, "Tame the Tiger"


Muscle Rescue Bath Salts and No More Stuffy Head Bath Salts.   We have combined our wonderful bath teas with sea salt to give you another great way to relax your body and clear your head.  Sold in one pound boxes.

 We are pleased to introduce a hot pac especially designed for infants.  The baby belly pac is made of soft flannel and contains a baby size package of organically grown mint that can he heated and then placed on the baby's belly.  Each pac is made with a velcro strip to keep it fastened to the belly area.  It is adjustable to fit bellies of all sizes.  Fabrics are available for girls and boys.


We are very excited to announce that we have put the "No More Bite" formula into lotion form.  So now you have two ways to keep the "skeeters" away.  Order it with the other lotions.