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I was diagnosed with inflammatory arthritis in my feet a few months ago. Anytime I spend time on them they become very painful. I have taken to rubbing your More Motion Lotion on them almost every evening and I want to thank you because it has really helped! Within a short period of time I am able to move again without the terrible pain.   If you would like to edit this and use it on you site you are welcome to. I truly believe your products have been a blessing to me.  Tadpole

Hey Leslie, I just wanted to let you know how much I love the patchouli lotion bar. I have had severe excema on my hands for years, and the lotion bar has cleared my hands! I wish I had before and after pictures!! Thanks for creating such an awesome product!!
Sarah I.



I love the products that I have used! The Spritz is wonderful! The scents are light and refreshing and I love using them ... especially when they have been in the refrigerator - really helps to cool you down quickly! The Rose Spritz is my favorite and not only do I use it on myself, but I also use it to "freshen up" my rooms and linens ... smells like I am in the middle of a rose garden ... a favorite childhood memory of mine. - I also like the Lotion Bars. Once again, the scent is light and refreshing and my skin feels so soft and "silky" when I use them. They are amazing!

The mosquitoes have been very bad this year and I don't like using the commercial products with all of the chemicals in them. We have started using "No More Bites" and it works wonderfully! Just like it's name, there have been "No More Bites" since we've started using it!

"Shoo Fly" is another product that lives up to its name!

The Lip Balms are fantastic ... better than any of the expensive products I have used in the past!  Janine


Thank Goodness for Bear Creek Herbals!
I moved to Mississippi in June 2009. It's a beautiful place, great people the only problem is the mosquitos for me and the fleas for my dog. I tried everything and finally found something that works. No More Bites is light but does the trick, I keep a bottle on my porch and in my car. Fleas Be Gone was the answer for my puppy. He is much happier, it's easy to spray on him and his bed! And like No More Bites it's light but powerful!
Thank you Bear Creek Herbals!
Cynthia Till
Recent transplant from Darien, Connecticut  


Bear Creek Herbal’s product “Edra’s Lotion Bar” is a wonderfully soothing moisturizer and pain easer for my fibromyalgic/arthritic and muscular strained limbs.  It doesn’t disperse rapidly as so many light lotions so that it continues to aid pain-eased movement much longer.  I find it nourishes my skin to not seem as aged.  If it were possible I would enjoy being bathed constantly with “Edra’s Lotion Bar”.
Edra Bebee

Kristi Crook Hudson  loves Bear Creek Herbals!!  I love the lotion tubes and even my 3 year old can't live without the lip balm!!
I'm addicted to your lavender lotion bars! I always keep several on hand so I can't run out. Thanks so much!  Ashley

I use the Sinus Relief Bath Tea and it works.  Cynthia H

Lavender Bath Salts --  wonderful.. I use it when I am totally stressed for relaxation.  Jolene D

Your soaps have spoiled me.  I don’t want to use any others.  I give them to my friends and they love them too.  Charlotte P.

Just want to you to know that I have been using the Mint soap and I love it.  The scent is awesome and I like the way it makes my skin feel.  My 20 yr old daughter, who is an exercise fanatic, has been soaking in the tub with the Muscle Rescue Bath Tea.  She says it really relaxes her after a long run or workout and she loves the fragrance.  Barb L

I used my eye pillow on my husband’s stiff neck the other day, and he raved about it working.  Suzi 


Wonderful products!!  Love the No More Bites!  I tested it throughly too because I used it at the county fair!:) Lisa