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 Uses only organically grown herbs & fillers to create all our
naturally scented products. 

Products are packaged when you place an order: We are not a
mass-production company.

  Special orders are always welcomed.  Unscented and blended scents are available.


Color and fabric requests are determined by fabric availability, we do our its best to meet your request.

Aromawraps can be microwaved to heat, placed in the freezer to cool, & stored in a plastic bag to extend the life of the scent.


From a simple country garden with culinary herbs to various beds with common & unique herbs BearCreek Herbals was born.  We started innocently enough with common herbs like lavender, rosemary, and mint.  We read, studied, and observed the gardens for over a year before we started planting.  Our thought was to try these herbs in several locations to see what would grow.  It wasn't until later that maximum growth was important.  Those that survived flourished, those that didn't were noted in a garden journal and something else was planted in their place.  Our goal became to plant  many unique plants, just to see if they would grow.  As things grew, we knew we had to do something with them; we can only share so much lavender, rosemary, & mint with friends and family, and we just could not see composting perfectly good herbs.     

Gardening is good therapy for our arthritis, but we needed help at the end of a long day of gardening.  Sometimes we wanted heat other times, cold.  Hands hurt one day, back the next.  This was when we started designing BearCreek Herbals "aromawraps" to fit the area that hurt.  Adding the flourishing herbs to the aromawraps just made sense and they smelled so good.  We soon realized that if we benefited from the "aromawaraps" others with aches and pains would as well.  This was the start of the "Aromawrap" line.  Bath salts, bar soaps, cuddle buddies, salt glows, and lotions became frequent requests from family and friends.

As the plants grew and the product lines increased BearCreek Herbals started setting up booths at local markets and craft fairs, selling the products to the public.  With the help of the Department of Agricultural and Commerce's Make Mine Mississippi Program, BearCreek Herbals now proudly displays the Make Mine Mississippi logo on our products. 


Today, BearCreek Herbals thrives and this website is another outlet for us to share our products with you.   Please feel free to contact us if you have any special requests for herbs or blends.  We are always looking for new product ideas.  We also welcome your feedback on our current lines.    

If you are in the area when we are doing a show, please stop by and say hello.  We love to meet new people and chat about herbs and aromatherapy. 

Leslie Puckett

Grower, Dryer, Mixer, Maker  

BearCreek Herbals

Note to wholesale customers.  The prices on the website are retail.  If you would like wholesale pricing on items, please contact me directly.  We accept visa and mastercard as well as net 30 terms with approved account.