Bath Teas:


 All the herbal bath teas contain organically grown herbs and essential oils for your pleasure.  To use run a warm bath, throw in the tea in a teaball or muslin bag. Sit down in your bath and enjoy.  These teas can also be used as steams or potpourri.

  • Pampering Tea - Bathe the stress away
  • Sinus - Let yourself breathe again
  • Muscle Rescue - Soak away the aches & pains
  • Soothing Herbal - After a stressful day
  • No More Stuffy Head - Clears your head without "medicine head"
  • Dream Tea - Head off to sweet dreams
  • Herbal Blend -  Relax & Destress
  • Headache Blend - Helps you get rid of that headache 

Bath Teas: $8.00